Theatrical Reviews

Tifanie   McQueen

To The New Girl

SkyPilot Theatre

…Also notable is Tifanie McQueen as an abused

wife livid enough to murder her rival...

- Deborah Klugman, L.A. Weekly

…Tifanie McQueen's performance was so strong as a beaten 

country wife, it left the audience gasping...​

- Gerie Rhosen, NoHo Arts

Resignation Day

Sacred Fools Theater

…Tifanie McQueen inhales her various phone callers…
- David C. Nichols,  L.A. Times

…Tifanie McQueen… has terrific turns in various roles…
- Hoyt Hilsman, Backstage

Killer Joe

Vortex Theatre

…Sharla (Tifanie McQueen) enters the stage wearing a man's
sleeveless undershirt. Nothing else… McQueen kicks butt

as a hard woman who's a Hooters waitress...
- Ann L. Ryan, Albuquerque Journal

Twelfth Night

Vortex Theatre

…Tifanie McQueen brings a touching sincerity to the

role of Viola/Cesario. She speaks her verse with intelligence

and conviction, and she provides subtle insights

into gender identity in her cross-dressing…

- Barry Gaines, Albuquerque Journal


Vortex Theatre

…Tifanie McQueen imbues Fifi with a glowing optimism and an
unlikely innocence. Her wide eyes twinkle as they view what might be

even in the face of what is. McQueen is always animated and compelling…
- Barry Gaines, Albuquerque Journal


Vortex Theatre

…Weaving a dreamy tale of an old woman's (Tifanie McQueen)
descent into a past so complete she takes a nursing home orderly

with her… a subtle performance by McQueen creates

a touching high point for the evening...

- T.D. Mobley-Martinez, Albuquerque Journal